12 Days of Organization Through the Holidays

by Kimberley McGee
holiday organizing for busy moms
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Getting organized at the beginning of the holidays can help you to enjoy the season, get to all those events and activities you plan to attend each year and end rush at the last minute, finish those crafts, find everything you need to finish those crafts, wrap those presents, bake those seasonal and traditional treats, decorate and be prepared for the new year. Shwew!

I’ve joined a diverse group of 20 homeschool bloggers who are sharing tips for making this holiday season memorable, magical, organized and entertaining for this year’s 12 Days of Homeschooling Fun.  They will include so many tips and tricks to help you in your homeschool, including games, activities, homeschool hacks and fresh ideas for planning your homeschool and readying for the New Year.

Be prepared for a more meaningful and joyful 2021 with new friends, online and in-person, to help you in your homeschool journey.

Every Monday through Friday from December 1 – 16, I’ll also share with you the special tips for fun Christmas activities from the expert homeschool bloggers I’ve teamed up with to make this year more meaningful and magical.

homeschool holiday fun

Planners for Busy Moms

The holidays are a time of celebration and reflection. A good planner keeps the important things at your fingertips and the good stuff in focus. It’s easy to forget all the wonderful things you do and accomplish during a single day. I’ve designed planners to be downloaded and used to fit your life and needs.

From meal planning to project and idea pages and daily/weekly and monthly planners, use the format that works best for your busy days with an eye on all the good that happens in your daily life. Start a holiday planning kit and use it as a keepsake for future generations of all you did, thought, baked and gave this year and a tracker for next year with all the addresses, gifts given and received and recipes to remember and those you don’t want to forget!

A detailed holiday planner and organizer can help you save money, time and effort this holiday season!

Complete Homeschool Goals and Budget Planner

mother's day gift planner and coloring pages

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